Our family services department provides aftercare support and outreach opportunities for families of organ donors. Losing a loved one is a painful and traumatic experience, and we want our donor families to know that they are not alone in the grieving process.


We have a variety of literature and resources to help individuals on their grief journeys or provide additional information on the donation process. We host events throughout the year attended by many donor families, which often are helpful and comforting to those whose loss is more recent.

Our most treasured project is the Strom Bryson Memorial Donor Quilt, named for a young donor from Tallahassee. The project contains a collection of memories from donor families throughout our service area. Participation is available to all LifeQuest donor families.

You can use the links below to view/download PDF files of some of our Family Services resources.
If you are unable to download these, please send us a message through the Contact page, and we will mail them to you.

Writing to Transplant Recipients Brochure
Writing to Donor Families Brochure
What Comes Next Booklet
The Strom Bryson Memorial Donor Quilt Handbook
Family Information Brochure


Our signature event of the year is Tribute to Life, a reverent ceremony held each fall that unites donor families, transplant recipients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. It is a time to celebrate the wonderful gifts of life given by LifeQuest donors and to recognize these heroes with a candle-lighting ceremony, testimonials and our Faces of Life video.

Visit our Get Involved page to learn about more events and view our Calendar of Events.

 View photos from some of our Family Services events.


Our hospital services coordinators work with more 70 hospital partners throughout our region to provide training and education to critical care healthcare professionals involved in the identification and referral of potential donors. They also work closely with hospital administrators to establish policies and plans that will support and enhance their facilities’ donor programs.


Hospital Services resources are available by request only.
Please send us a message through the Contact page, and we will send them to you.

LifeQuest publishes a quarterly Hospital Partner Update e-newsletter with useful information for hospitals and clinical staff.
If you work for one of our partner hospitals and would like to sign up to receive this e-newsletter, please send us a message through the Contact page.


Our clinical operations team is committed to the safe and reverent recovery of organs for life-saving transplantation and to honoring the decisions of individuals and families who wish to give The Gift of Life.


Our family advocates manage thousands of hospital referrals and make on-site evaluations to determine an individual’s clinical suitability for donation. They also consult Florida’s donor registry to determine if a donation directive is in place and meet with families to discuss the legacy of organ donation. Even when donation does not occur, our advocates provide valuable resources to families to help them in their time of grief.


Our clinical coordinators medically manage the care of each donor to ensure that every Gift of Life can be realized, and those awaiting transplantation can receive a second chance at life.


Our public education team hosts and implements events, activities and campaigns to educate the community about the need for donation and increase registry enrollment. The team provides training to individuals who wish to volunteer, delivers presentations in area high schools and supports the efforts of Donate Life Florida.


Each April we participate in the celebration and promotion of National Donate Life Month, along with donor programs, transplant centers and partner hospitals across the country.  We created this handbook to aid our hospitals, schools, civic groups and others with their own NDLM promotions.

2018 National Donate Life Month Handbook

You can use the links below to view/download PDF files of some of our Public Education resources.
If you are unable to download these, please send us a message through the Contact page, and we will mail them to you.

Power to Save Lives brochure
Power to Save Lives (African American audience) brochure

Power to Save Lives (Hispanic audience) brochure (in Spanish)


We also welcome the opportunity for recipients, donor families and other individuals to help us with our mission. If you would like to become a LifeQuest volunteer and help us increase donation, please visit the Get Involved page or send us a message through our Contact page.

 View photos from some of our Public Education events.