David Robinson

David Robinson awaited a life-changing phone call for more than four years – the call to let him know he will receive a kidney transplant.

“For me, organ donation means giving me a second chance on having a life where I can be more active,” David said. “I’ll be able to have an opportunity for more freedom.”


David endured dialysis three days per week for four hours each session while working as a courier for laboratories. His kidney failure was caused by hypertension.

David is from Archer, Florida, a small town outside Gainesville. He and his wife have one daughter, as well as many cousins, aunts and uncles in the area. He is very active in his church, where he has worked to increase organ donation awareness within the congregation.

Thanks to the generosity of an organ donor, David received his kidney transplant in March 2016.

“Organ donation is a blessing,” David said. “It’s a blessing you can find someone able to give life. A person has a big heart to do that. To the families of organ donors: thank you for raising someone willing to give a part of their life to help others out.”